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Companies are stumbling in the face of digitization: Skyscraper Marketing dispels fears about the future and sees itself as an innovation driver for companies. Solutions for digital and everything that's about to become digital.

Digital Marketing Engineering & Automation.

Marketing without technology does not work. Every strategic as well as technical solution requires a comprehensive concept. We want to develop concepts that are not just an "add-on", but also "add-value".

Data-driven conception of buyer personas and customer journeys

We develop meaningful buyer personas and customer journeys based on market studies, sales funnel data as well as generic analytics data and existing user data in order to map the collected data into a meaningful customer journey and the corresponding buyer personas. The conception of data-based buyer personas provides the basis for nurturing campaigns in marketing automation, for example.

Increasing marketing efficiency through data warehousing

For established marketing processes, we apply our concepts of data-driven infrastructure to increase effectiveness within online marketing channels. For example, automating reporting processes and parts of analytics enable a focus on predictive analytics.

Proactive marketing management planning

We implement automation structures and efficiency levers in marketing management. This also implies technical training, tool introductions and technical integration processes.

Combining Analytics with Customer Relationship Management Data

Combine data flows from different areas to enrich existing data sets. For example, integrate web data from Google Analytics into your customer relationship management tool.

Data Quality Assurance & ETL-Processes

We ensure the data quality of your data streams. Faulty decisions are made on the basis of faulty data. We want to avoid that. We implement data cleansing processes that cleanse acquired raw data in organized ETL processes.

Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B-Testing

Make comprehensible decisions with regard to different design drafts on the basis of collected data.